Friday, July 5, 2013

C47 Setup Tips for One Man Crew™

Jem Schofield is no stranger to corporate and interview work. His professional credentials as a videographer and DP for his own company Buttons Productions are long, and includes work for Canon, Zeiss, Apple, and many other companies. Jem also logged a great set of tutorials for on how to shoot interviews using sliders and other camera movement gear.
In short, Jem knows what it takes to make great interviews with one or two crew people, and what it takes to make them visually stand out.
In a recent post on his blog Jem covers the basics of setup and use of the One Man Crew, and discusses some framing and camera strategies for a two-camera setup with only one operator.
Check out Jem’s in-depth tips on the One Man Crew and let us know what you think.

theC47 - Jem Schofield - Redrock One Man Crew
Jem Schofield - theC47