Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tom Gleeson, ACS & fxPHD's Mike Seymour on the microRemote: "An Amazing Value"

The award-winning microRemote made its way 'down under' and into the hands of fxPHD's Mike Seymour & Australian Cinematographer Society's Technical Committee member Tom Gleeson, who spent time with the microRemote and gave it a thorough review on the gear segment 'Top Tech.' 

Seymour and Gleeson cover details about the microRemote like lens mapping, which they call 'a big plus for much nicer, better control,' responsiveness of the system ('Redrock is right up there' with other professional systems) and they ultimately call the microRemote system a "great value for the money for any operator of a large format camera with focus issues."

Check out the interview here:

For more on the Australian Cinematographers Society visit their website.

Watch additional 'Top Tech' segments on the ACS Vimeo page. 

Check out the Redrock microRemote Remote Focus System after the jump.

Do you use a wireless follow focus or a traditional follow focus? Let us know below! 

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