Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Let Power Problems Sabotage Your microRemote

When used properly the microRemote and LiPo batteries operate beautifully together, and together deliver the lightest, most compact solution available for focus control on gimbal rigs. However, if incorrect cabling or wiring is used, it may damage the microRemote and render it inoperable. Keep in mind any damage to the microRemote caused by improperly used cables, improperly wired third party cables, or inappropriate power sources is not covered under the microRemote warranty.  

Redrock wants our customers to have a great experience with our products and when used with third party gear. Here are some tips on how to avoid these potential issues (click here for a printable PDF version).

Figure 1. Correct voltage

1. Use Correct Voltage

The microRemote can accept power from 12-18VDC. To avoid damage to your system, the Basestation is to be operated from 12-18VDC ONLY. If you are using LiPo batteries typically only a four cell LiPo battery falls within this range.

Figure 2. Cable standards
2. Use The Correct Cable Standard

Use only US-standard 2-pin power cables. There are unfortunately two standards for 2-pin Lemo-style power connectors: The US standard which dictates Pin 1 (one) as power, and pin 2 (two) as ground. This is the standard the microRemote uses. There is a second “Arri standard” which has the pin assignments reversed, so pin 2 has power. Do not use any cable designated Arri standard with the microRemote. 2-pin power cables that are known to use Arri standard include cables for powering Teradek and certain Paralinx products. If your cable does not have a key for reference, or if you have any question on the cable wiring, please consult your cable provider.

Figure 3. Check cable wiring
3. Make Sure Cable and Power are Wired Correctly

We've received reports of some cables being wired backwards, or some batteries that are wired backwards. Unless the cables and pins are clearly labeled and correctly built, the only way to accurately determine pin assignment is by testing the cable and battery using a multi-meter. For additional information on LiPo battery handling, visit

Figure 4. Check it before you wreck it

4. When In Doubt, Do NOT Use a Questionable Power Source

Instead, test the cable and/or battery using a multi-meter to confirm correct pin assignment and voltage levels. DO NOT plug in the microRemote Basestation until you are confident of the correct power and polarity.


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